Cleveland Clinic

Main Contractor
Sub Contractor
Sir Robert McAlpines
Grants Of Shoreditch
PLP Architects
The Cleveland Clinic in Belgravia is situated across the road from Buckingham Palace. Grand Finish were instructed to assist in the reconstruction work of this medical institution, involving the installation of over 6000sqm of Portland Stone.

Technical Information

  • Installation of required EPDM & Rockwool Insulation
  • Installation of over 6500 sqm of S/S Bracketry and fixing channels
  • Installation of over 6000 sqm of Portland Stone Cladding and soffits (75mm & 100mm thick)
  • Installation of over 500 sqm of Portland Stone Soffits (75mm thick)
  • Installation of 3 No Portland Stone Porticos
  • Installation of Portland Stone Artwall works
  • Raking out existing joints and repointing and make-good of over 4500 sqm of existing Stonework

Type of Work


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