St Helen's Place - Grand Finish Stonework & Hard Landscaping Project
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St Helen’s Place

St Helen’s Place

Grand Finish carried out these extensive external stonework and sub-base works for this well known hard landscaping and restoration project at centrally located St Helen Place. Detailed works below:

Reinstatement of Cobbles Roadway

  • Removal of existing Asphalt, concrete & subbase
  • Installation of new Type 1 sub-base, new concrete slab
  • Installation of Reclaimed Granite Cobbles (600 sqm)
  • Installation of Reclaimed Granite Curbs (300 l/m
  • Installation of Reclaimed Caithness stone (30 sqm)
  • Installation of Reclaimed Rivened York stone paving (200 sqm)

Restoration of Retained Facade wall (850sqm)

  • Dismantle stone and brickwork on various locations to expose the structural steel frame.
  • Remove build-up rust using needle guns & treat steel frames using two parts anticorrosive epoxy
  • Re-Install New & Existing Cladding Stones
  • Removal of existing concrete encased restraint beams
  • Installation of new steel restraint beams & concrete encased
External Stonework & Sub-base, Hard Landscaping, Restoration